Leveraging Qualitative & Quantitative Research to Uncover Your Full Potential

Running a business is full of challenges and imperfections. Do you know what your customers are saying about you and your competitors? Do you understand the latest age, gender, or demographic trends for your business? Are customers interested in your new products?

At Diedrich RPM, we believe that research uncovers reality. Not every answer can be found by typing into the Google search bar. Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper—and that’s what our targeted research does. We specialize in qualitative and quantitative market research and full-service marketing for clients big and small. We’ll work with you to conduct research to reveal your best target market and guide you on your path to success.


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Diedrich RPM Develops Converting Websites Diedrich RPM Develops Converting Websites

World’s Highest-Converting Websites & Campaigns

With the right targeting and key messaging derived from research, we convert traffic to inbound leads and hard sales at rates of up to 50% or higher. On average, we drive 10x return on investment for our clients.

Dashboard Reporting at Diedrich RPM Dashboard Reporting at Diedrich RPM

Real-Time Dashboard Reporting

Transparency is key. We hold ourselves accountable by providing full visibility into your investment’s success. Access campaign performance through our custom dashboard in real time to uncover your return on investment.

Artificial Intelligence at Diedrich RPM Artificial Intelligence at Diedrich RPM

Propelled Projections® Artificial Intelligence

We’ve developed a proprietary artificial intelligence platform designed to help you focus your sales efforts. Leverage your customer data to identify top-value prospects and empower your sales team to convert leads more efficiently.

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