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How We Rebranded a Leading U.S. Industrial Vacuum Manufacturer Through Comprehensive Market Research

Project Overview

Established in 1981, Atrix is both a family-owned business and the leading U.S. manufacturer of portable, industrial vacuums with ultrafine filtration that markets their products in over 40 countries worldwide through a network of distributors. Atrix chose DRPM to conduct an extensive research study on their overall business, name, brand, customer service, and product quality, which ultimately resulted in a transformative overhaul of their company logo and website’s design and functionality.

The Challenge

Atrix wanted help with rebranding their business, the creation of a strategic digital marketing campaign, and converting their existing website to drive direct sales. To achieve these goals, research needed to be done to understand the key purchasing factors of their customers, as well as determine the viability for e-commerce implementation.

DRPM's Solution

Our first step was to conduct primary research and a competitive digital audit to gain insight into their customers, competitors, and the viability of an e-commerce website. After creating a branded white paper with our findings, we proceeded to update Atrix’s logo and modernize their existing website. This involved enhancing the UX and navigation, updating product resources such as brochures and spec sheets, incorporating a customer service chat, product selector, product comparison, distributor locator, and language translator function, and adding a FAQ page.

Our Results


Increase in Total Website Traffic


Increase in Organic Website Traffic


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