Obtain Valuable & Relevant Contacts

What it Entails

List management is a way to create or expand your CRM or CDP by appending new data to existing, current, former, or prospective clients. It’s a way of exploring new ways to track and capture prospective contacts that might be interested in your brand. List management is also a way of building a new list utilizing a database.

How It Works

DRPM has developed an internal database that is also linked to more than 500 other sources of public information. We can build customized lists and utilize them with our in-house call center, through direct mail, or an email campaign. With access to 50M+ businesses and 300M+ consumer records, we have outstanding sources to develop lists to target the audience you’re looking for. Businesses are reached through specific job titles or industries (SIC/NAICS), then filtered by defined geographic boundaries, company size, financial health, etc. Consumer records lists have specialized segments, including buying behavior, lifestyle and interests, demographic characteristics, and more. If DRPM doesn’t have your list, we’ll source on your behalf, brokering to find other sources with the best quality and price in the industry.

Why You Need It

List management is an incredible way to expand your reach within the affinity segments you serve and have proven success, as well as reach new segments where you can see growth. List management is also a great way to provide your sales team with leads that they can use internally to follow up and also to drive new business. List management is also an invaluable tool for market research purposes; fielding a survey, fulfilling a focus group, or gauging the size or viability of a specific segment.

Are You Ready

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