Propelled Projections

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Focus Your Sales
Efforts Through
AI-Powered Insights

Leverage Your Customer Data to Identify Top-Value Prospects & Empower Your Team to Convert Leads More Efficiently

Only 10% of Businesses

are Currently Using Artificial Intelligence. Are You?

Are your sales teams focusing their energy and time on quality leads that have a high likelihood to convert, or are they receiving non-verified leads?

Imagine having access to a completely customized resource like Diedrich RPM’s Propelled Projections AI Platform to connect the dots on which of your customers are likely to convert or churn. Empower your employees to proactively conduct corrective outreach to “save the sale” or initiate a new strategy to drive conversions through enhanced digital targeting.

Propelled Projections

How it Works

Propelled Projections AI: Process Overview

Our proprietary platform leverages research and analytics to help your company validate marketing investments, as well as provide financial direction on your sales pipeline. The benefits of incorporating AI into your business are endless. Save time, enhance efficiency and productivity, increase and manage cash flow, achieve a better understanding of your customer, and maximize the lead source and key attributes that drive engagement and buying behavior.

#1 Define your goals to develop a decision-science strategy.
#2 Send customer database information to neural network engineers.
#3 The AI platform is customized to generate actionable insights.


Categorize your leads and identify which prospects are most likely to convert.

Identify which of your leads are outliers that you shouldn't invest time in.

Prevent millions of dollars in lost sales and transform your business initiatives.

Are You Ready

To Propel Your Customer Data?