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How We Developed the Revolutionary AdvantEDGE App for HVAC Professionals from Comprehensive Market Research

Project Overview

Established in 1950, Malco Products, SBC is a reputable U.S. manufacturer of specialty tools for markets such as heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC), roofing, siding, and gutter (RSG), fence, deck, and rail (FDR), and autobody repair and refinishing. Malco chose DRPM to complete market research to validate the company’s next project, which was the development of a mobile app for HVAC technicians to use out in the field to streamline their work.

The Challenge

Malco needed assistance with deploying studies to identify new opportunities to support HVAC technicians, as well as support to bring the project to completion.

DRPM's Solution

Our first step was to complete a quantitative demand study via phone, email campaigns, and other online and social media channels. Approximately 2,700 qualified HVAC professionals who were 18+ with a minimum of two years of experience throughout the U.S. participated in the survey to uncover new product ideas. The results indicated a severe shortage of individuals in the trade, which means that technicians are often time-pressed and need to make an unpaid second visit because they don’t have the right parts or tools to complete the job the first time. From this research, DRPM identified the opportunity to develop an app to support HVAC technicians. Primary research was then completed to support the app name, brand ideas, and features. The final step was designing and developing the app for deployment.

Our Results

Backed by comprehensive market research, the Malco AdvantEDGE app was designed, developed, and launched, introducing a whole new way for HVAC professionals to enhance efficiency and stay connected on the job.

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AdvantEDGE App marketing Case Study
advanteEDGE app demonstration
advanteEDGE app demonstration
advanteEDGE app demonstration

What Did They Say About Us?

“Working with Liz and the Diedrich RPM team has been a great experience. They did an excellent job in helping us identify significant opportunities within our markets through their methodical research process. They have steered us down a very successful marketing path with ‘spot-on’ marketing creative, strong electronic marketing campaigns resulting in significant gains in our social media presence, and being the ‘driver’ in the successful launch of a ‘first of its kind’ app in our industry. They are a quality-focused team with great attention to detail and successful results. They have no shortage of bringing new marketing ideas to the table. It’s been a joy to work with such a fun, personable group of professionals!”
—Nancy Gunnerson, Malco Portfolio Planning/Marketing Support Manager

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