Get Real-Time Insight to Patient Satisfaction & Reviews

What it Entails

Healthcare satisfaction surveys help to illuminate many questions healthcare facilities have concerning their customers, their industry, healthcare trends, and new technologies. Getting a better understanding of the complexities of the healthcare industry is extremely valuable for any pharmacy or healthcare entity. A completed survey can show you how your pharmacy satisfaction scores stack up nationwide against the bigs, and how your customers feel they are being served.

How It Works

Through discovery and planning, DRPM’s seasoned research team lays out the objectives and goals of any survey. In working with each client, a custom survey is engineered, with a flow that keeps respondents engaged and provides the client with the information they’re looking for. When applicable, CSF platforms (continuous shopper feedback) are deployed, and the survey is always open to collect responses. DRPM also utilizes our in-house call center to conduct phone interviews with current customers.

Why You Need It

Healthcare satisfaction surveys provide a key foundation for understanding your position in the industry, give you a more informed idea of what your customers need, and, ultimately, help you build a better brand. Surveys let you know what your customers are saying about you—both things they like, and areas where you could improve. Cloud-based reports with password-protected access allow you to see your customer data in real-time, with data filtering, export capabilities, etc. Semi-annual report deliverables with in-depth statistical analysis gives you data to build a better, more effective marketing strategy.

Are You Ready

To Propel Your Healthcare Satisfaction?