See Where You Stand in the Market & Uncover Ways to Outmaneuver Your Competition

Quantitative Research Studies

— Surveys

What it Entails

Market research is the process of determining your market position against the competition, understanding what your customer base thinks about you, and the viability of a new product or service through research conducted directly with potential customers.

How It Works

We strategically develop a customized research design, deploy consumer surveys, analyze the results, and deliver an in-depth research report with content related to your customers, the competition, and the market(s) you serve.

Why You Need It

Market research allows a company to discover their target market and get opinions and other feedback from consumers about their interest in the product or service. It’s a key foundation in understanding your industry position and gives you a true understanding of what your customers want, need, and what they are saying about you. In-depth market research helps you build a more successful marketing strategy and effective use of IDIs and focus groups help identify solutions for your internal sales team’s pain points.

  • Research allows for a more informed and effective marketing strategy
  • Determine your market position against the competition
  • Identify KPI’s (key performance indicators) and Key Drivers in your market
  • Get a true understanding of what your customers need
  • Hearing what your customers are saying about you allows you to react accordingly
  • Find gaps between market importance and customer satisfaction levels
  • See how you compare statistically against the competition
  • Gain qualitative feedback through focus groups, IDI’s, and secondary research
  • Gain measurable feedback through customer surveys, CSF platforms, and customized reporting
  • Identify what your internal sales team says is most difficult (IDI’s and focus groups specific)

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