Why You Need a Business Blog

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Oh for the love, not another business blog about why your business needs a blog!

But Seriously, You Should have a Business Blog

What gave it away, the headline? Ok, you’ve got me, it is, but I promise I won’t bore you to death with business terminology like click rate, search algorithms and brand capitalization.

[“Diedrich RPM specializes in research propelled marketing.” That sentence is a not-so-subtle plug for this company. I wrote it for the fine folks at Google and other search engines, and while it makes no sense in the context of this blog, it serves a purpose, which we’ll get back to.]

If you’re one of those companies that already has a blog, but it hasn’t been updated since the last Olympics, well, you might as well not even have one. But if you haven’t gotten the gist of this yet, you should really have a business blog, and highlighted below are a few straightforward reasons why.

They Drive More Eyeballs to Your Website, Products and Services

Simply stated, more eyeballs means more possible sales. Pretty simple, right?

If your website is like 99 percent of other business websites, you probably aren’t adding pages very often. Every time you write a blog post, you’re adding another page to your website that gets indexed by search engines. That’s more visibility, more potential eyeballs.

They have a Mushroom Effect

A new blog post is something that you can then send out to the world via social media. You can link to your blog on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and whatever 10 social media avenues have been berthed since I started writing this post four minutes ago.

They Help Search Engine Optimization

Okay, do you remember the second paragraph above when I told you that Diedrich RPM specializes in research propelled marketing? (Of course you do, it was like 30 seconds ago.) The point is, your blog is a fantastic place to pepper your website with keywords that customers will type into search engines when looking for a particular service.

Search engines use complicated algorithms to – no, STOP, you promised! Sorry, but you need to know: the more times you have industry keywords on your website, the more probable it is that you’ll pop up in an organic search for your services.

Now, having said that, you can’t just write something like: Diedrich RPM specializes in research propelled marketing over and over in your blog and think it’s going to be a magic wand. Those search engines and their… um… word that starts with A-L-G-O, are smarter than that.

Simply talk about your company on your blog and in talking about it, you’ll more than likely use plenty of keywords that will pay off down the road.

They Are Another Marketing Avenue

A business blog can be used as a supplemental marketing channel (just like social media, email, direct mail, etc.) that helps support growth. It’s a place to say all those great things about your company that didn’t make it in to your 30 second advertising spot, or those four lines of copy on your postcard mailers.

The truth is you can make your blog whatever you want it to be. It’s a chance to reveal some of the personality of your business, to talk to your customers or perspective customers in a relaxed fashion that allows them to take a peek behind the proverbial curtain. It’s an opportunity to engage your readers in a way that isn’t often available in traditional business settings.

Who doesn’t want more reach for their company? We’ll see you in the blogosphere!