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Have you ever spotted a brand that makes you stop your scroll?
Social media is saturated with a lot of content, and most of it is the same. old. stuff.  

Feeding Creativity is dedicated to those brands whose feeds (get it?) step outside of the box. It’s all about innovative, artsy, and refreshing brands that ultimately inspire us here at DRPM.




All the Food and Vital Proteins 

Pick up your phone (if you aren’t already on it…reading this) and pop open Instagram. Chances are, if you go to the “discover” feed, you will come across some delicious food photos. We are living in a world where food blogging is uber popular and our feeds are saturated with smoothies, oat bowls, brownies, coffee treats, you name it! And thanks to algorithms, the more food photos we like, the more we see them. Hey – I am NOT complaining!


Vital Proteins is a brand that I noticed was being tagged in a lot of my favorite food bloggers’ posts. I had heard of collagen before in the foodie sphere, but wanted to investigate this seemingly popular brand.


What the Heck is Collagen?

A big mistake brands make is assuming that customers intuitively know what they’re selling. In Vital Proteins’ case, that would mean they assume everyone knows what collagen is. I’ll be honest – I didn’t (anyone else (emoji hand raise here)?)


I wanted to know if I was the only one who had no idea why I’d want to dump collagen in my peanut butter oat bowl, so I asked my colleagues here at DRPM what they thought collagen was. Here are some of their answers:



Ha! Some of us know a bit about collagen, but it seems as a whole we aren’t too cultured in the ways of collagen.  However, one scroll through Vital Proteins’ feed and we could learn a lot. They do not assume that customers just know and instead use posts to throw out tidbits of why using Vital Proteins Collagen is beneficial.




Hook, Line & Sinker: Collagen Recipes!

I also found recipes all over their feed, which I love. Don’t just tell me what your product is – tell me how to use it! And honestly, when you boast delicious smoothies and coffee drinks in front of me, you are definitely hitting some soft spots. I found myself wanting to buy their product because I felt like it could seamlessly fit into my life.


“I could mix it in my coffee.”

“I can put it in my oats.”

“Oooo I want to make that smoothie!”


Vital Proteins does an incredible job of taking a product you aren’t familiar with and making it look easy to use, accessible, and needed. (Not to mention their beautiful, bright photography makes you want to eat it ALL). After 30 minutes of perusing, I had been sold. That is a brand WIN.



Finishing Touch: Useful Instagram Highlights

The last thing I’ll touch on is Vital Proteins’ baller use of Instagram Highlights. I talked above of how I perused their page and was sold, but often times people won’t even take the time to scroll down a timeline. For this reason, having an engaging and informational highlight section is super important. Vital Proteins gets an A in my book. Their highlight covers are uniform without being boring, and the content is well thought out. Similar to their feed, highlights include info on collagen benefits for the body as well as easy and delicious recipes. Even lazy, non-scrolling, Instagram users can find all they need on Vital Proteins’ page.


Want to know something else? I actually went and bought some! It’s true that Vital Proteins’ Collagen mixes so well into everything. I have tried it in coffee, oatmeal bakes, smoothies, cookies…and I can’t tell it is there! The kind I bought is unflavored…but as soon as I have the dollars to spend on another tub, I am very interested in their Dark Chocolate & Blackberry Collagen Peptides.

Have you tried any of their products? How about other collagen brands?

If so, or if you have an account you love that I should check out send me a message! I would LOVE to hear about them!

Until next time ✌🏻