Remarketing | Consistent Customer Engagement & Increased Sales

Diedrich RPM Marketing

Some advertisers would argue that it takes as many as seven to ten interactions with a customer to make a sale. That’s a lot of engagement, a lot of time spent getting ads and product information in front of these customers to close those sales. So how do you ensure that your digital advertising is reaching the right people? How can you better target qualified leads? The answer is remarketing.

Remarketing can Convert Your Leads to Customers

So what’s remarketing? Put simply, remarketing is a method of online advertising that serves ads to people who have already visited your site. They may have come from an ad they’ve clicked on, directly from a brochure you’ve printed, or organically from search.

However they get there, anyone who visits your site (after you’ve placed a pixel on the backend of your site that our friends over at Google provides you – we won’t get into that, but you can learn more about building a remarketing list through Google Adwords Support) is put into a database for a period of time up to 540 days, depending on your sales cycle and business needs. You can then serve ads to this list, allowing you to stay top of mind and increasing the likelihood that these people will convert to an actual sale.

Have you ever looked up a product online or been to a website only to find that you’re now being served ads for this product or from that brand for the next several days? This is a prime example of remarketing. The thought behind this strategy is that many consumers need time to contemplate a purchase; retargeting ads allow the time to reflect on the purchase decision but not forget about the product.

Ultimately, remarketing is an essential online advertising strategy that ensures the argued seven to ten customer interactions take place. Retargeting allows you to reconnect with customers, some of which you’ve already paid for, so you can close the sale.

We have a lot of success with our clients’ remarketing strategies. If you aren’t remarketing, you definitely should be. Need help? We’d be happy to chat.