Diedrich RPM Dashboard | How to Measure Marketing ROI in Real-Time

measure marketing ROI in Real-Time

At Diedrich RPM, we are excited to now offer a proprietary online dashboard platform that gives users real-time ROI for their marketing investments. The dashboard uses custom APIs that bring to life call tracking, web lead capture, and other integrations that are not available on other platforms.


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The main purpose behind creating the dashboard is to provide real-time updates for our clients that show how their marketing campaigns are performing.

“I’ve owned a marketing and research company for more than 25 years,” said Liz Diedrich, owner, and CEO of Diedrich RPM. “The first question that I would ask myself if I was the client is ‘How is my marketing money working for me?’ This dashboard is designed to leverage research and marketing plans, obtain validation for marketing investments, and provide financial direction on the sales pipeline.” 

At DRPM, we believe transparency is the key to a strong business partnership. We hold ourselves accountable by providing full visibility into your investment’s success through our reporting dashboard that is customized to your business. 


The dashboard tool is the result of years of exhaustive research done by Diedrich RPM on better ways of tracking marketing ROI. 

“ROI historically has been conducted with a combination of tracking via Google Analytics, call tracking, contact form submissions, web lead tracking, influencer conversions, traditional media conversions, blog interactions, etc. The information had to be collected and manually entered into reports because our costs and the hard costs associated with paid advertising and the value of a lead are not part of Google Analytics or available through other platforms,” said Diedrich. “The process for providing the reporting was time-consuming and required multiple staff members to put these reports together, not to mention the time it takes to present the quarter over quarter performance information. This dashboard changes all that.”

Another great advantage of the dashboard is that you don’t have to wait for your monthly or quarterly reports; you have the data at your fingertips. With the DRPM dashboard you’re able to check how your campaigns are performing whenever you want.


DRPM Dashboard

From lead generation to e-commerce transactions, see the dollars your marketing campaigns are earning in real-time. The DRPM dashboard works in three steps:

  • Identify– From Google ads to social media engagement, we customize your dashboard experience based on active marketing campaigns and the unique elements of your business
  • Connect-We integrate marketing data from various platforms and third-party partners, like Google and Facebook
  • View-See how much value your campaigns are generating, from phone calls to transactions and beyond


DRPM Dashboard customization

As every business is unique, each dashboard is custom-designed to illustrate the exact results and trends a specific business is looking for. In addition to real-time ROI, the dashboard is designed to show businesses what campaigns are working, can compare data to previous quarters and years, allows for date filtering to look at custom date ranges, provides ROI metrics for individual ad campaigns, and eliminates the need for large ROI reports.

Further customization and deeper analytics for marketing efforts are also available. Some of the most popular add ons to the dashboard include:

There are many other customization options and data that can be collected from:

Customization Options DRPM Dashboard


Testimonial 1 DRPM Dashboard
Testimonial 2 DRPM Dashboard


After doing research with hundreds of business owners, one of the most common pain points they expressed was not knowing whether their marketing efforts were making an impact. Being able to get a dollar-in, dollar-out ROI in real-time eliminates that pain point. Seeing the results of your marketing campaigns allows you to create a concise plan of attack for driving new customers, increasing sales, and planning for the future.