5 Ways to Improve Workplace Wellness

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Get Your Team More Active: 5 Ways to Improve Workplace Wellness

It’s that time of year when we all have that thought in the back of our mind: “I want to be healthier!” New Years resolutions are right around the corner—and for all of us who work desk jobs, we need a little extra motivation to keep ourselves moving!

Here are five ways to improve workplace wellness and get your team to be more active around the office:

1. Sit on a Stability Ball or Invest in a Standing Desk

Instead of the back-aching roller chair, get the proper blood circulation and improve your posture by sitting on a stability ball or standing at your work spot! The stability ball helps work your core as well as your posture to help you stay focused with less back pain. The standing desk also helps with posture and circulation, keeping you less stiff and ultra-focused.

2. Keep Healthy Snacks in the Cabinet that Last

Time always seems to be a factor when your team is busy with meeting deadlines. A few go-to “brain food” snacks to always keep in the office include nuts, dark chocolate, oatmeal packets, or chewing gum to help satisfy those cravings!

3. Put a Sign on the Elevator that Says “Out of Order”

OK, this may be a bit too far, and we certainly aren’t trying to upset the building management, but the point is to push your team into taking the stairs; a little extra cardio never hurt anyone—especially when you aren’t even trying to get a workout in! Getting healthy without even thinking about it is always a plus—because who has time for that?

4. Hold a Workout Challenge to Win Prizes or Benefits

Keep you and your team motivated with daily check-ins of dated workouts written down on paper and placed into a jar! At the end of each month, draw a name and provide a card, treats or bragging rights.

5. Set a Timer for Every Hour to Walk Around and Stretch

Time can fly by when your mind is focused so much on work and not enough on your physical stature. Keep the blood to the creative brain flowing!

What are some other ways you can improve workplace wellness at your organization? Challenge eachother!

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