How Eating Chocolate Can Make You Successful in the Workplace

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Cash Chocolate is King: How Eating Chocolate Can Enhance Workplace Productivity

Contrary to popular belief, chocolate is actually HEALTHY (in moderation, obviously). Turns out that all of the chocoholics trying to pawn chocolate off as a vegetable weren’t completely wrong!

Here are several benefits of eating chocolate in moderation:

Increase Blood Flow

Dark chocolate improves blood circulation. When you’re typing like a madman trying to meet a deadline, your outstanding blood flow will combat carpel tunnel syndrome and fuel your brain with tons of oxygen, hopefully allowing you to finish on-time. (If not, at least you had some chocolate!)

Reduce Stress

You’ve probably heard that when you eat chocolate, your body releases the same chemicals as when you’re falling in love. That’s a little dramatic, but dark chocolate ignites the production of stress-fighting endorphins, which will calm your nerves before a huge presentation.

Fight Fatigue

Dark chocolate contains an ingredient called “theobromine”. Basically, it’s a more relaxed version of caffeine! Eat up! (It’s basically coffee…you NEED it). Dark chocolate also enhances the capabilities of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, which helps to regulate sleep. When you’re not sleeping on the job, you’re working. That’s a success right there.


Chocolate makes you happy…we all knew this but we didn’t know why! The endorphins and serotonin previously mentioned create a little blissful concoction…literally. So, curbing sadness with chocolate actually makes sense. A happy employee is a productive employee, and productive employees are harder to fire.

Dark chocolate is actually now being considered a superfood. Among numerous other benefits, it assists with weight loss and is high in antioxidants. One crucial detail to look for when choosing a dark chocolate is its cocao content. A higher cocao content generally infers a darker chocolate, so look for a cocao content of 65% or higher. There is an inverse relationship between “cocao content” and sugar, so choosing a darker chocolate ensures that the chocolate hasn’t been overrun with excess artificial sugar (The excess sugar would kind of nullify the health benefits of dark chocolate anyway).

Lazy man Takeaways

If you take nothing else away from this post, take these three nuggets of wisdom:

  1. Chocolate tastes good: You want it.
  2. Chocolate is GOOD for you: You need it.
  3. Chocolate = Success: EAT IT!

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